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Whether you are already with a provider that hosts your service on ancient hardware and supports you when they can; or whether you are starting up a new venture and need a reliable platform that ticks boxes like data sovereignty and common sense inclusions as standard, like RAID1 minimum and remote power control -- Server Cat is here to offer you services as they should be, with no hidden costs.

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Server Cat. Is here, to help.

At ServerCat, we believe in offering base level packages that have no additional hidden costs, and are ready to go, as is. Pay only extra to increase resources beyond the listed package specification. All the below packages are priced on a month-to-month basis. Discounts for longer term contracts are available in the customiser.

Dedicated Server Solutions

Little Cat
Standard (Blade)
Start-up / Monitoring / Jump Hosts
E3-1270v2 4 Core 3.50Ghz
8GB DDR3-1600MHz ECC
[2x] 240GB 6Gbps SSDs [H/W RAID1]
1TB Data Transfer
Big Cat
Extra Muscles (2ru)
Virtualisation / Storage / Performance Hosts
2 x E5-2620v4 8 Core 2.10GHz
32GB DDR4-2400MHz ECC
[4x] 240GB 6Gbps SSDs [H/W RAID10]
3TB Data Transfer

Services for all of our packages include a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA), which can be read in our Terms of Service documentation, linked at the bottom of this page.