About Us

Founded behind the 'fridge in 2017, Server Cat's leadership team comprises experienced individuals that have serviced the hosting industry in Australia at different levels in all of the various roles since the mid-2000s.

We have designed and built bespoke data centres; refurbished data rooms; relocated countless racks of servers between data centres. We have managed the network, the power and the cooling, and the data emergencies at silly o'clock in the morning, and we have spent the days honing our skills on the tools that pro-actively ensure that the servers stay online and stay accessible.

We've seen it all, and we know what we are doing.

The present trend in the dedicated server hosting industry today is one of cut corners, cheap (like plastic) equipment and well-meant but lacking support. The miss-nomer of "cloud" (usually more aptly described as "shared hosting") has made it a price race to the bottom between apples and oranges, and most operators have attacked their bottom line to bring their prices down on their dedicated hosting.


Don't let yesterday's Cloud cover today's Sunshine

Server Cat, is here, to raise the bar.

Server Cat doesn't cut corners, doesn't lease you old or cheap equipment, and doesn't try to compete with shared hosting pricing at the expense of quality and service.

We all know new equipment performs better than old equipment. We all know that data centres that are clean and have a consistent environment lend the equipment reliability and longevity. We all know that a well deployed solution doesn't need reactive attention at 03:00 o'clock in the morning.

Server Cat, is here, to deploy your solution properly.

Server Cat's data centres are in fibre-rich, power-diverse and secure locations in Australia. They are managed by people who love their operation and strive to provide consistency and reliability.

Server Cat's support personnel are physically located close to the equipment so that if an error occurs that needs to be attended to before the next routine check, they can pounce to it quickly.

Server Cat, is here, to support you.